Driving Loops

LOOP PLANNING MEETING=July 14th 2017 5:30 PM 
Cheers Team P3A and EVnthusiasts all,

Here's a fun announcement--an advance notice calling for a Pizza Pie Potluck Kumbiyah Party
Where:  Common House at Milagro Cohousing, 3053 N. Gaia Place. 
When:   Friday eve at 5:30PM, 14 July 2017. 
Directions are available at: <www.MilagroCohousing.org> for newcomers and invited spouses.   Also, swimming is a definite option, if you care to come a bit earlier and splash about in the warmth of Arizona's fine dry heat.

 Idea includes not only where we gather with our favorite pizzas to share and of course, beverages of choice but also where we can kumbiyah with other invitees--that is Tucson EVA members, the Tesla Club of Southern Arizona members, and residents of Milagro Cohousing in regard to theupcoming 6th Annual Plug'n All Around AZ - The Education EVentures (6th Annual P3A).
Note:  EVJerry will handle salad makings, lemonade and a dessert or two.

    After kumbiyah'ing a bit between clubs along with other socializing aspects of introductions, we'll break pizza at 6:30PM.  At 7:30PM or thereabouts, we'll have a general sharing about the 6th Annual P3A being scheduled and mapped out with its targets of opportunity for:

Southeast Loop with county seats in Nogales, Bisbee, Safford and Clifton, 

Northeast Loop with county seats in Flagstaff, Holbrook, St John, Globe and Florence,

Western Loop with county seats in Yuma, Parker, Kingman, Prescott and Phoenix.

The 6th Annual Plug'n All Around AZ begins in conjunction with TEVA's participation in the National Drive Electric Week on Saturday, 9 September.  See <www.DriveElectricWeek.org>.

Follow-on discussions will ensure., and which underscores that EV drivers can join in these Education EVentures in traveling to the AZ county seats of government.  Wrap-up will be at 8:30PM 

EVer a'Plug'n AZ in,
EVJerry  Team P3A Captain
(520) 429-2833 

First Loop of Plug'n All Around AZ - Southeastern.  5-7 Days in September 2017. 

1st Stop -  Safford, Graham County  IS DONE Sept 2017


 We did visit on this loop EVenture four county seats of government--Nogales in Santa Cruz County; Bisbee in Cochise Cty; Safford in Graham Cty, and Clifton in Greenlee Cty. And with stops at Patagonia HS, Sonoita-Elgin Fire Department; Sierra Vista Public Library and Cochise Community College - Auto Shop.

Next coming up for Team P3A is the Northeastern Loop #2 with five county seats of government (plus other sites in mind) to be visited:  Flagstaff, Holbrook, St Johns, Globe and Florence. 

We set sail on Columbus Day, 9 October 2017 with the "Spirit of Tesla" towing the "Spirit of AZ." And with a "EVs & Charging Infrastructure" Presentation in mind (vs workshop!)

EVer a'Plug'n AZ in,

J. "EVJerry" Asher, Team P3A Captain

Tucson Electric Vehicle Association PR / Outreach

Cell: (520) 429-2833

2nd Stop - Clifton, Greenlee County

3rd Stop -  Bisbee, Cochise County

4th Stop -  Nogales, Santa Cruz County

Second Loop of P3A - Northeastern.  5-7 Days in Sept 28th 2017.

5th Stop - Globe, Gila County

6th Stop - St Johns, Apache County

7th Stop - Holbrook, Navajo County

8th Stop - Flagstaff, Coconino County

9th Stop - Florence, Pinal County
Details on the Sept-Oct Second Loop
"Setting sail on Columbus Day" 5-Day Plug'n All Around AZ (P3A) Itinerary ... with Notes

Day 1 -  Monday, 9 October 2017:    Morning Run to Flagstaff via Phoenix Area, Arizona State Parks Headquarters, Sedona...with Flagstaff stayover, after a                                                              Sunday Saddlebrook presentation and stayover for Steve Parkhurst's Climate Change Lobby folks and guests. 

Day 2 -  Tuesday, 10 October 2017:  Flagstaff projected 9:30--11:00AM Presentation at Flagstaff Chamber's new conference room TBD    
                                                           Other prospective sites: Mayor's Office, AZ Daily Sun newspaper; Winslow Chamber of Commerce/Visitor Center
                                                           afternoon visit, La Posada Inn with Tesla Destination Chargers, Holbrook Tesla Super Charging Station...and awaiting                                                                word from Petrified Forest NPS Superintendant Brad Travers, on possible "VIP" Welcome as in Volunteers in the Park                                                                for a VIP stayover and following morning presentation at Petrified Forest National Park.  
                                                           Sidenote:  The Main Entrance in the North and the South Entrance have ChargePoint L2 EVSEs in operation.

Day 3 -  Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017:   Holbrook projected 10:00-11:30AM projected Presentation with Holbrook Chamber of Commerce and with The Tribune                                                                News link-up,...and meet-up with Facebook Group "Route 66 Electric Car Club" founder, Dave Heward.  See also 
                                                           < www.Facebook.com/Route66ElectricCarClub >
                                                           St Johns HS projected 1:30-3:00PM Presentation with stayover at Lyman Lake State Park

Day 4 -  Thursday, 12 Oct 2017:        Globe 2-3:30PM projected Presentation at Globe-Miami Chamber of Commerce with Copper Country News...
                                                           with Globe stayover.  Prospective site visits: Miami and Superior.

Day 5 -  Friday, 13 Oct 2017:             Florence projected 2-3:30PM Presentation at Chamber of Commerce with City Hall officials in attendance...
                                                           Return to Tucson via Tesla Super Charging Station at Casa Grande.

Third Loop of P3A - Western.  5-7 Days in 2017

Western Loop #3 Itinerary

6th Annual Plug'n All Around Arizona

5 – 10 November 2017

Day 1 - Sunday, 5 November 2017

    Tucson to Yuma* (10th AZ County Seat)

    via Casa Grande* and Gila Bend*, and one stop at Dateland

Day 2 – Monday, 6 November 2017

     Yuma to Parker (11th AZ County Seat)

     via Quartzsite* plus stop at Rice Ranch RV Park

Day 3 – Tuesday, 7 November 2017

      Parker to Kingman* (12th AZ County Seat)

      via Lake Havasu and Oatman via Historic Route 66

Day 4 – Wednesday, 8 November 2017

       Kingman to Seligman and Ash Fork

       via Historic Route 66 thru Hackberry – Truxton – Peach Springs

Day 5 – Thursday, 9 November 2017

       Ash Fork to Prescott (13th AZ County Seat) and Wickenburg*

Day 6 - Friday - Veterans Day, 10 November 2017

       Wickenburg to Phoenix (14th AZ County Seat) and 

       Casa Grande to Tucson* (15th AZ County Seat)  

Note: "*"  indicates Tesla Super Charger sites.

EVer a'Plug'n Tucson in,